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We offer a full range of research, writing, and trial advocacy consulting services to provide trial attorneys with the support needed in their fight to uphold the rights of citizens and consumers in and out of the courtroom.

Projects for the research and writing services will be based on estimates given at the outset of a project based on expected hourly requirements. The estimates will be non-binding.

The rate per hour will be billed at:

  • $175/hr for projects with standard delivery of 10-14 days;
  • $225/hr for RUSH projects with a turn-around time of 3-5 days;
  • $290/hr for SUPER RUSH service requiring delivery in 48 hours or less.

Pricing structure for consulting services will depend on the project needs, but witness/deposition preparation begins at $1,000/flat fee plus travel expenses, mediation presentations begin at $2500/project, focus group services begin at $5,000/flat fee plus travel expenses; and you can retain us to be on-call for any of your in-trial needs whether you prefer us on-site or to be available by remote access 24/7.

No matter your needs, we look forward to developing the winning solution for you!

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Legal Research

We can research the legal issues that arise in your case and provide effective, results-oriented research analysis in a format that is easily digestible to give you the winning edge.

  • From single-issue, limited questions to complex, multi-faceted research projects
  • Comparisons to other jurisdictions and authorities
  • Sheppardized authorities
  • Document review
  • Rush and SuperRush delivery available

Legal research can be very time consuming and tedious for trial attorneys, but it is often essential for success in your case.  Let the team at LawCite provide you with excellent, results-oriented research.  Call us for a free quote, especially if you need our services on a rushed-basis.

Cost-effective, Upfront Pricing

Our team can provide you with research starting at:

  • $175/hr for STANDARD delivery projects with a 10-14 day turnaround;
  • $225/hr for RUSH projects with a 3-5 day delivery;
  • $290/hr for SUPER RUSH projects with delivery in 48 hours or less.

Contact us with your project needs and we’ll send you quote.

"In law it is good policy to never plead what you need not, lest you oblige yourself to prove what you cannot." -Abraham Lincoln

Writing & Legal Drafting

We are available to serve all of your legal writing needs at all stages of the litigation process from presuit to appeal.

  • Presuit demand letters
  • Legal pleadings and memoranda
  • Motions and responses
  • Discovery requests and documents
  • Outlines for depositions, hearings and more
  • Appellate briefs and responses

Hire LawCite to be your mercenaries on the front lines of the Paper War

We know the insurance defense industry’s strategy is to beat down the trial lawyer by filing one motion after another and voluminous discovery.  As a small or solo trial attorney, you don’t have time to win this paper war on your own. Hiring and training a full-time associate is not always feasible or cost-effective, especially when an unexpected case comes your way.  Outsourcing your legal drafting needs to LawCite, will save time and money, and provide you quality, professional writing.

Cost-effective, Upfront Pricing

Our team can provide you with research starting at:

  • $175/hr for STANDARD delivery projects with a 10-14 day turnaround;
  • $225/hr for RUSH projects with a 3-5 day delivery;
  • $290/hr for SUPER RUSH projects with delivery in 48 hours or less.

Contact us with your project needs and we’ll send you quote.

The pen is mightier than the sword. -Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Deposition & Witness Preparation

Have a challenging witness, let us help.  We offer a full-range of strategic deposition and witness preparation services conducted by civil trial attorneys to preserve privilege.

  • Depositions
  • Unsworn Statements
  • EUOs and more

LawCite turns on the lightbulb

Many lawyers still go about conducting witness preparation the same way as they did 30 years ago.  While some of these methods still work for some witnesses, it is helpful to have other tools in your arsenal when you need them.  LawCite’s team will teach your client to effectively think and respond under pressure, taking advantage of a variety of techniques depending on what will work best for that particular witness, all while maintaining privilege and confidentiality.  LawCite offers flat rates starting at $1000, plus travel costs.  Contact us for more information.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." -Benjamin Frankin

Presentations for Mediation & Settlement Conferences

At LawCite we know that having a well-prepared and engaging presentation can make all the difference when it comes time to trying to mediate your case.  We can custom-design a presentation built for your needs and accessible in a multitude of formats for ease during your conference.  The team at LawCite can easily edit videos and audio files, design graphics, charts, specialized medical records, maps, and more, so that no matter what kind of presentation you need, LawCite can deliver.  We’ll also edit the presentation to your specifications–all included in your flat rate.

  • Powerpoint
  • KeyNote
  • Prezi
  • Google Slides, and more

LawCite will custom-build the winning presentation for your case


LawCite will provide you a flat rate for any mediation and settlement presentations, which includes all video and audio editing, along with any conversions into additional formats.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing upfront that you’ll have the presentation that works best for your case at a price you can afford.  Flat rates start at $2500.  Tell us what you need and we can custom build something for you.

Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right.

Jury Focus Groups

Know the expression, “two heads are better than one?”  Sometimes you know the best way to see how your case will play out is to put it before a jury.  Give us the parameters of the jury you need and LawCite can conduct a focus group for you.

  • Focus Group for specific issues, witnesses, theories, or the whole case
  • Available to provide you with opposing counsel to test out your case in front of a mock jury
  • All sizes, locations, and demographics available depending on your needs

LawCite takes the guesswork out of finding the key issues and weaknesses in your case before taking it to the courtroom


LawCite conducts mock jury/focus groups for a flat rate depending on your needs.  In-person focus group rates start at $5,000, plus any travel costs.  LawCite is available to conduct focus groups in any size and taking into account any specific demographic requirements.  LawCite’s team includes lawyers to serve as opposing counsel for a mock jury.

LawCite has launched it’s virtual Jury Forecast product! Jury Forecast combines its tried-and-true methodology of utilizing actual prospective jurors in a particular jurisdiction with a virtual platform that mock jurors can use from the comfort of their own homes. Saves on travel costs and allows for implementation of streamlined technology that tracks juror perspectives in real-time during the case presentation. Ask for more information or a quote today.

"The most powerful people on earth are focus groups." -William J. Clinton

Trial Support

LawCite knows how much time, money, and effort you’ve put into your case by the time you’ve reached trial.  Let LawCite lighten the load by being available 24/7 during trial for all of your legal research and writing needs.

  • Available for on-site help or assistance remotely
  • Available anytime, day or night
  • Available to utilize and direct trial presentation software and manage tech needs
  • Just tell us the length of trial and what you need and we’ll be your virtual clerk/research and writing go-to/paraprofessional and more
  • Packages and flat fees available

Let LawCite be your secret weapon at trial


As experienced trial attorneys, we know that last-minute tactics by opposing counsel can derail your case right before and even after you’ve arrived in court.  As the attorney trying the case, you may not have time to prepare last-minute legal research and motions in addition to prepping all of your witnesses.  That’s where the team at LawCite comes in.  LawCite can serve as your on-call or on-site support, depending on your needs, 24/7.  Call us and we can create a custom solution for you.

"The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries." -Clarence Darrow

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